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Style: FPS/RPG with minimal multiplayer

Controls: Similar to all FPS games with the R2 being the primary trigger.

Graphics: Here is where the game offers a new look on game play. It is styled similar to a cartoon. The colors are very well put together and keeps the frame rate moving smoothly.

Story: You get to play as 1 of 4 classes of characters, the hunter(sniper based), The siren(SMG), the Berserker(shotgun), and the soldier(Assault). Now you can change the weapons setup for each so you are not stuck with one type of weapon. You are a merc searching for a legendary 'Vault' said to hold some mysterious riches that nobody has ever seen. You go around piecing together clues and 'keys' to gain access to this 'vault'.

Player advancement: This game has a simple leveling system based on exp. You gain exp through your missions, collecting loot, making trades and killing things. The game has great skill level assistance through what is called 'skill missions'. These are located in your 'select' menu. They offer you exp for performing tasks separate from your missions and trophies, although some are similar to your trophies. You can receive exp for making kills with certain types of weapons or for killing a certain number of specific types of targets. Over all the top level is 50, the last trophy you will need to unlock to get the Platinum.

Trophies: This game is an easy platinum to attain. No trophy is a pain to attain, with the exception of the 'reach level 50' which you should get about midway through your second play through. You can get a multiplayer assist on this and get it a bit sooner. You will need to play at least a few minutes as each character class as it has you make a certain amount of kills with each class's action ability. There is no hidden objects you have to search all over the assorted maps to find either. There are a handful of multiplayer trophies but all but 2 you can get by playing split screen with you holding both controllers (which is what I did).

Multiplayer: Up to 4 player co-op. As far as multiplayer goes it is all a campaign assistance multiplayer basically. there are 'Arenas' where you and your buddies can have matches against each other but the real fun is working co-op on the campaign. The secret to success here is to hook up with a buddy or 2 that are a few levels higher than you are. When you have more players in the campaign the enemies get harder and there for you get more exp for kills, also the loot gets better.

Loot/Guns: This game is loaded with a massive assortment of weapons and accessories. Each gun has stats that are broken down to assist you with which you prefer. You can have a gun with elemental effects attached to it to assist you with breaking down the shields of the enemies or to just dissolve them. everywhere you go there is a chest that either offers you weapons or ammo. I hardly ever had to purchase any ammo. When you kill enemies they will drop either cash, ammo or weapons and accessories.

Downside: The only major setback this game has is the auto save and respawn design, and this is only an issue at the earlier stages of the game. The game is constantly saving so there is no reloading to redo a certain area when you get killed. You will spawn back at the last 'spawn beacon' you passed and work your way back to where you were killed. The good news is that all the baddies that you killed are still dead, its like you never died. The only thing is that it costs you money to respawn. The amount you have to pay is based on a percentage of your total cash on hand at that time. Later in the game that amount will seem huge but you will also seem to never spend any cash later either.

Final views: Great game worth buying or at least a rental.


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