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Code of conduct

Post  Bubbleboi94 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:42 pm

No one is above the Code
If Code Of Conduct is not adhered to, you will be removed from the clan

1. RESPECT your fellow clan members.

2. Treat everyone else how you would like to be treated.

3. This clan is a privilege to be in, not your right.

4. If invited to a party, you need to accept. If you need to to something else, accept first, explain why you are unable or don't feel like playing in a party, then do you're thing. No one will look unfavorably on you if you at least let us know what you are doing.

5. If you have a problem with any member of the clan, you have 3 points of contact: Bubbleboi94 , dalive666 And Thepir8. Use these people. Issues that these people are not advised about will be dealt with swiftly and unfavorably if left too long.

6. Everyone in the clan is equal. ANTI(founder), Bubbleboi94,dalive666 & Thepir8(admin) are no different from anyone else. Chain of command is never enforced, we are here for support, to settle disputes and a central location of information.

7. Age limit for joining - If you are old enough to hold a controller, you are old enough to join.

8. Use of this forum is strongly recommended.

9. GB and online competition combatants will be decided by availability, dedication to the clan and a rotation system.

10. Minimum requirements for joining(staying in) the clan can be changed with proper amount of notice to all members. There will be no leeway given with these requirements, and they will be enforced.

11. Any 666 member seen wearing any other tag other than [666] will be removed instantly!

12. Any 666 member found to be a member of another clan will be removed instantly!

13. Leaving/quitting mid game without valid reason is not permitted. If you really have to leave say so over the mic or PSN once left. 666 are brothers and stick together no matter if we are losing or winning.

This is the Code in which the clan is now running by.

This clan is here for people willing to put time and effort into maintaining friendships, looking out for each other and beating the snot out of opposing teams. We are a team, not a pack of individuals
You're membership can be revoked at anytime by the Admin Team for not following this code.

Above all, have fun while playing and work with each other to make this clan the best it can be.

ANTI and the Admin Team have started the next step in making this clan the best it can be. This involves a tightening of the reigns among all clan members.

Right of the top of the bat, I need to make it clear that you are allowed to joke around, give shit to (in fun) and have a laugh with each other, in fact, I encourage it. But there is a line that has now been drawn. Offensive language directed to other members, taking a joke too far, general disrespect, racism and harassment will NOT be tolerated.
Everyone knows that Admin are reasonable people and have at all times displayed correct and appropriate behavior within and for the clan, that is why we have chosen to take control of this issue.
From here on, any one in breach of the CODE OF CONDUCT, found back stabbing or talking in a derogatory form about another clan member and or displaying behaviors that we deem inappropriate will be dealt with swiftly and fairly.

1. Reminder: A PM will be sent (or online message) advising that you have breached.

2. A second breach will cause a 1st official warning sent via the same methods as the reminder.

3. A third breach will cause a FINAL warning delivered via same methods as well as a discussion with Admin.(up until this point, the issue is dealt with between yourself, Admin and will be kept private. If you feel the need to discuss the issue with members, feel free, that is your choice)
If at this point you breach again, you WILL BE permanently removed from the 666-CLAN. This is not a threat, this is a fact. It will be known as a dishonorable discharge. You ex clan members will be informed at this point that you have been permanently removed from the clan and will not be granted entry again. All records of yourself will be removed from clan environments (Immortals, History).
This decision has come from the loss of good, reliable and respected players due to inappropriate behaviors and breaches against the code.
This system is designed to give everyone a fair, equal and level playing ground. Young members and older members alike need to treat each other with the same respect.
You owe it to yourself and your fellow clan members to do the right thing by all.

Remember, we are all members, and soldiers of the one clan. Let's make sure we act like it.


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