Batman Arkham asylum

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Batman Arkham asylum

Post  Bubbleboi94 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:55 pm

Okay you asked for it, here is the Twig review of Batman

Style- Action single player

Difficulty- campaign i give a medium rating. Challenge mode i give a hard.

Trophy Difficulty- Hard, given you have to get gold medals on all challenge mode rounds.
Missable trophies- There is really only 1 missable trophy called 'party pooper'. There are other trophies that can be either accomplished in the campaign or in the Challenge mode.

Story- Joker is brought to Arkham but has bigger plans. He escapes and takes control of the island. Batman has to fight henchmen and lesser evil bad guys like killer croc and the scarecrow to name a few.

Time- The campaing take about 6-8 hours to complete, given that you complete all of Riddler's challenges. The Challenge modes are a series of mini fights and taskes that you must accomplish each only taking about 5-10 minutes but you may have to do them several times to get the 'gold' on all.

Graphics- Not much to say about graphics other than Awesome. There is a darkness to the game but the graphics are intense and beautiful. Harley Quinn is a 'HOTTIE' and Posion Ivy is pretty sexy too.

My little hints- There is an ability called 'detective mode' which gives batman an extra sensory vision kind of like what he used in the 'dark knight' movie. I highly suggest you use this all the time except when you are actively engaged in combat.

Final Take- YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME. I thought X-men origens: Wolverine was a great game, this one is better.



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