"Now I will teach you the French Kiss"

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"Now I will teach you the French Kiss"

Post  thepir8 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:40 pm

Just completed the demo to Brutal Ledend. It's classic. If you're a fan of Jack Black, enjoy smashing denizens of hell into ectoplasmic goop, and love metal this is the game for you.

You have the ability to turn gore and language on or off during gameplay (both on for me Smile ) and play the protagonist in the role of Jack Black, worlds best roadie, reduced to gigging for a bunch of tweenie rockers.

Gameplay is relatively simple, with your two main weapons being an axe and an axe... oh, I mean electric guitar. Each weapon has a power-attack feature, implemented when holding down eithe X or [] until the weapon powers up.

You also get to drive a pimped out hot rod, and use it to dispatch the first boss in the demo.

The in game dialogue and soundtrack really set the mood for this game, and the price tag on the LP at the start is $6.66 so it seems like a fitting game.

The full release game will feature multiplayer online battles too!


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