Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Post  Twig1 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:31 pm

Style: 4 player over head role play

Controls: simple to medium difficulty. Basic attacks are accomplished with the 4 buttons, individual character special attacks are done by holding down R2 and pressing one of the four action buttons. Two character 'Fusion' attacks are accomplished by using the L2 button and one of the four action buttons. If you are playing co-op or multiplayer then the fusion attack is made by the two players holding their L2 at the same time. You can transition between any of the 4 characters with the D-pad.

Graphics: This game is amazing on the cinimatics, some of the best Marvel cartoons i have ever watched. Actual game play is what you would expect from an overhead action game. The action is very streamlined you experience very little lag during intense action sequences.

Story: This game follows the Super Hero Civil War comic book series. The government has finally drawn a line against super powers and has instituted the Super Hero Registration Act. As you can expect not all good guys like this. You have to choose which side you want to play on, either for or against the U.S. Government. All the while somebody is pulling the strings, and yes you have to figure it out.

Player advancement: There are power ups and boosts that you collect along with experience points. The game sets you in auto distribute, i suggest you leave it at that setting for a couple reasons. First your character will be equally developed throughout the game. Secondly when you switch in and out characters it automatically defaults back to auto. Boosts are like perks, they give you extra points to damage or health or abilities. There are 23 characters to be used and unlocked throughout the game. You will have to unlock all to get the platinum.

Trophies: This game is an easy platinum to attain. Don't worry about which side you choose, you have to do both for platinum. There really are no missable trophies in this since you will not be able to go back. Everytime you get to the end you are giving the option to start over with your current skill set on Hard difficulty. I would suggest that if you have another person in your house that can play co-op with you then use that and get your multiplayer trophies done.

Downside: The only major setback this game has is the auto save function. If you go into multiplayer matches be sure you make a back up save of your current progress before you go into multiplayer or you will loose it. My advise is the same as the trophies, use only a co-op partner and not multiplayer online until you have picked up your platinum.

Final views: Great game worth atleast a rental.


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Re: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Post  Blase666 on Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:10 pm

I give it a 4/5, pretty good game tbh

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